Centrally Located to Better Serve You

With easy access to both Highway 66 and Interstate 30, Heritage Christian Academy is nestled in the heart of the lakefront community of Rockwall, Texas. The HCA campus is situated on 17 acres of land, which gives the school the ability to expand and grow as needed. The school has worked hard to ensure the students have an educational environment that is safe and secure. HCA's drive toward excellence is not exclusive to the education it offers, but also in its facilities. It's near impossible to cover all the bases when it comes to the school's facilities until you come tour the campus in person, but here are some highlights in addition to the standard classrooms, offices and meeting halls.

Technology & Security

At HCA the teachers and staff have been equipped with the resources needed to prepare and teach his or her students effectively, and part of those resources lie in technology. All teachers are provided a laptop, projector, and document cameras in the classroom for research, record keeping, communication, etc... In addition, the school has laptop carts, tablets and other devices that can be reserved and used by the students in a particular class during school hours. At the secondary level, there is also a program being piloted to provide each student with a google chrome book for educational purposes and classwork. The school has updated computer labs that offer introductory courses at the elementary level to advanced and challenging courses as students progress through their academic career. Overall, the school has examined and studied the needs for its students, staff and facilities in the way of technology and made purposeful and wise decisions in the areas that will aide and protect its users the best.

The security of HCA students is a top priority. In recent years, the school was able to revamp its security system due to the generous donation of one of the school's families. This enabled the school to add more security cameras, a keypad entry system placed at entrances and exits and a intercom that allows the front office to have two-way communication with any room on campus.


Due to a $55,000 grant from the Hillcrest Foundation received by the school in 2006, the library was able to be brought up to speed. The money provided new books and shelves, computers, cataloging software, projector system, among other things. Now the library serves as a great resource for the entire campus and is utilized from fictional reading to research projects.

Science Labs

There are multiple science labs that are located on campus. There is the elementary "science cave", which houses several elementary science pets and is equipped for experiments as well as lecture space. The two secondary science labs are very similar to the elementary lab, but have been more recently updated and give the staff the staff the ability to utilize the space for anything ranging from Chemistry experiments to Engineering projects in a safe, clean and modern environment.