K3 - 2nd Grade Curriculum

Like all courses, HCA takes a biblical approach when it comes to their education. In the case of History, the written record of mankind, it is “His story” describing the rise and fall of nations and individuals as they respond to God’s truth--the story of what man has done with the time God has given him, from creation through the present. The students learn God has given the earth to man and woman for a home, and the study of the surface and attributes of the earth is Geography. Learning geography helps the students because it describes and gives context to the place where a historical event has taken place. When teaching the concepts of social studies at this age, HCA emphasizes people behind the events of history. Some are pilgrims, some are preachers, some patriots, and some presidents. All make the chronological narrative story of history sequential and connected. These people give students examples of positive role models that made an impact on history.

3rd - 6th Grade Curriculum

These courses survey many different fields of study crucial to a thorough understanding of history. Students will study geography and the principles of map making. The course describes the different regions of the United States and focuses on 20th century United States history. Basic principles of economics and currency are also introduced in addition to studies of different types of government systems. In addition, the study will eventual segue into a richly illustrated narrative of the history and culture of ancient civilizations. Although the textbooks used are written for the elementary school level, they still provide a detailed account and specifics of these historical groups and events. By the end of their elementary career, the students will have a solid foundation on how to study history and be ready for Texas History in the 7th grade and U.S. History in the 8th grade.