K3 - 6th Grade Curriculum

Heritage Christian Academy's elementary program is designed to mirror the secondary's but on a small scale. Secondary is composed of several electives and extracurriculars, and while elementary doesn't have the same amount of options or meet at the same frequency, elementary does have a wide range of specials that give the elementary students a taste and similar experience to those in secondary. Giving the elementary students the opportunity to get out and explore the other parts of the brain allows them to gain a feel for likes and dislikes and the ability to discover skills in areas of school that aren't core curriculum. These students have numerous specials that take place once a week or multiple times depending on the activity. Due to these specials, the students have the opportunity to develop their passions outside of the classroom.


Elementary students get to experience creativity and learn about many different art styles and artists. They get to express themselves through many different artistic channels and gain basic art history knowledge in the process.


ASL is a newer special for the elementary students. With the aide of the ASL teacher, high school ASL IV students visit the different classrooms to introduce and instruct the basics of ASL in a fun and creative manner.


Elementary students have a weekly computer time in which they learn about parts of the computer, computer terminology and play fun instructive games/activities that help teach typing and other functions of technology. The students love this time and are always very eager to go to the computer lab.


The students have the opportunity to visit our wonderful library, check out a book of their desire, and have story time during this special. They learn the importance of library etiquette and how to check out books on their own level.


During this special the students are provided an environment that promotes a love for music as well as a general knowledge of music and all its components.


In addition to their regularly schedule recess time, students are given an opportunity to get all their energy out in this ever-popular special. They learn aspects of many different sports as they fall in the formal athletic year, as well as, practicing general physical fitness. They also learn about living healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Science Lab

The third through sixth graders have the chance to visit the Science Cave. This is a great chance to learn all about God’s creation and the love He has for His animals. They will learn all aspects of animal life, physical science and much more. This is an awesome privilege and opportunity for the students to dive deeper into the world of science.


During the Spanish special, the students will gain a basic knowledge of the Spanish language; They will learn to count, learn colors, the calendar, shapes, common sentences and much more.