Middle School Curriculum

At the middle school level, Computer emphasizes the basics of computer and reiterates the concepts that were taught throughout elementary computer. As the students begin to dive deeper into Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc..., they will be able to expand their knowledge into multi-faceted dynamic writing, presentations and productions. The curriculum also consists of typing skills among other basic knowledge of computers, which will then branch into Computer Applications at the ninth grade level. Computer and technology has come to the forefront of our society, and it is imperative that our students leave with an extensive understanding of this area in order to be prepared for their future.

High School Curriculum

Computer Applications

As a general introduction to computers, students will develop their computer literacy through interaction with both software and hardware. Students will become more proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office suite, and begin to explore the fundamental concepts that make computers possible.


An introductory class for students interested in becoming digital artists and designers. Students will learn the basics of photo manipulation and original design in Adobe’s Photoshop, publication design and layouts in InDesign, and video editing in Premiere.

Introduction to Programming

An introductory class for students interested in learning how to code. Students will learn the basics of programming commands and structure while working in an environment that will bring their work to life as they create it.

Film Media

Students will film school various school events and assist in the production of all the videos used for the school. This is a year long commitment that requires time spent outside of the classroom.