HCA Cheerleading

The varsity cheerleaders bring school spirit, excitement and support to all of HCA’s varsity sports. These students not only plan pep rallies and cheer at games, they also decorate lockers, create signs and give snacks to their assigned student athlete. In addition to the cheerleaders, our school has two eagle mascots, Rally and Victory, which add some fun and entertainment alongside the cheer squad. Overall, the cheerleaders play a pivotal role in adding to the HCA athletic experience!

The middle school cheer squad is an important part of the HCA spirit team, and it brings excitement and energy to all the middle school sporting events. Modeled after the varsity program, the middle school students cheer at games, and provide spirit gifts and signs for their perspective players as well. Learning timing, stunts, and HCA cheers helps create a solid foundation and knowledge for these students to continue to be successful at the varsity level.

The scream team consists of 3rd through 6th graders who enjoy cheering and supporting their HCA teams. In this program, they learn mini routines and chants to perform at the halftimes of JV and middle school games. The scream team also plays an important role in the Homecoming Halftime Extravaganza. Although they are young and small, these students are dedicated to bringing spirit to the crowd and love the opportunity to showcase school pride.

2017-2018 Rosters and Coaches

 Varsity   Middle School

Wyatt Ashlock
Manning Biggerstaff
Maryssa Davis
Kinzee Douglass
Kaitlyn Florence
Sofia Gomez
Rachel Hawkins
Merritt Mitchel
Emily Schmukal
Teagan Thomas
Jessica Wallis
Sophie Weghorst
     Melanie Davis
     Ginny Barnett


Brynn Borden
Jillian Bray
McKenzie Daniel
Karlee Douglass
Brook Enloe
Annabelle Florence
Paris Hanie
Anna Hueston
Madison Lilly
Isabella Owen
Kate Taylor
Aislyn Tully
Emma Wheat
Alyssa Williams
     Melanie Davis
     Ginny Barnett