Varsity Track & Field

Since the program was created in 2006, the HCA Eagle Track team has had great success. Both the varsity girls and varsity boys have produced many State Champions, Academic All-State award winners, and elite college athletes. In addition to the individual accolades, the HCA varsity boys track team was the State Runner-Up in 2007. Even though the program is relatively young, it is extremely accomplished. However, nothing is more important to the coaches and the school than preparing these young men and women for their future.

Name Year Team
Evan Apolinar Fr. V. Boys
Emily Benton Sr. V. Girls
Megan Berry Sr. V. Girls
Jack Breeden Jr. V. Boys
Madison Brown Sr. V. Girls
Brendan Cockroft Sr. V. Boys
Mark Dodson Fr. V. Boys
Paden Elliott Sr. V. Boys
Kaitlyn Florence Fr. V. Girls
Hannah Haessig Fr. V. Girls
Baylee Hawkins Sr. V. Girls
Philip Hawthorne Sr. V. Boys
Lindsey Hill Jr. V. Girls
Nathan Huddleston So. V. Boys
Abbie Mayfield So. V. Girls
Cody McCaffity Fr. V. Boys
Max Mitchell Sr. V. Boys
Alexander Neff Fr. V. Boys
Preston Norman Sr. V. Boys
Sarah Santangelo So. V. Girls
Isabella Schmukal Fr. V. Girls
Dawson Schoening Jr. V. Boys
Evan Schreiber Jr. V. Boys
Jacob Smith So. V. Boys
Blake Tamez So. V. Boys
Kam Thompson Fr. V. Boys
Connor Thornhill So. V. Boys
Tyler Treadway Sr. V. Boys
Will Treffinger Sr. V. Boys
Nelson Williamson Jr. V. Boys

Coaching Staff: Josh Huckabee & Mike Breeden
Managers: Lindsey Beich, Cassidy Clarke & Jessica Wallis
Athletic Director: Don McEvoy

Date Competition Location
03/09/17 @ Winter Warmup (A) POPCS, Carrollton, TX
03/23/17 @ Bishop Lynch Invitational (A) Bishop Lynch HS, Dallas, TX
03/30/17 @ Brook Hill Invitational (A) Bullard, TX
04/07/17 @ Tom Landry Relays (A) Trinity Christian, Addison, TX
04/12/17 @ Cistercian Relays (A) Cistercian Prep, Irving, TX
04/18/17 @ District Meet - Field Events (A) Trinity Christian, Addison, TX
04/18/17 @ District Meet - Running Events (A) POPCS, Carrollton, TX
04/28/17 @ N. Regional Meet (A) TBA
05/5-6/17 @ State Championships (A) Baylor University, Waco, TX

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   Middle School Track & Field

The middle school track program is instrumental in the success HCA has seen at the varsity level. By teaching a solid foundation and providing valuable competition experience, the students are prepared to compete at higher levels when they get to high school. Because middle school is a developmental age, HCA's student athletes are encouraged to try new sports so they can experience teamwork, hard work, and success in a fun yet competitive environment.

Name Year Team
Emma Calmes 8th MS Girls
Colton Cobb 8th MS Boys
Keaton Croom 8th MS Girls
Xander Davis 8th MS Boys
Kinzee Douglass 8th MS Girls
Kate Duncan 7th MS Girls
Grace Gaffney 8th MS Girls
Sofia Gomez 8th MS Girls
Blaire Gormley 7th MS Girls
Emily Johnson 7th MS Girls
Rozilyn Liechty 7th MS Girls
Matthew Mayfield 7th MS Boys
Miles McGaffin 8th MS Boys
Madison Millek 8th MS Girls
Liam Regan 8th MS Boys
Colton Reynolds 7th MS Boys
Matthew Shepard 7th MS Boys
Savannah Stratton 7th MS Girls
Mason Thomas 8th MS Boys
Kyndle Todd 8th MS Girls
Jonathan Toussaint 8th MS Boys
Whitney Webb 8th MS Girls
Avery Wheat 8th MS Girls

Coaching Staff: Brian Nevans & Taylor Griffith
Managers: Brooke Migneault & Hattie Minter
Athletic Director: Don McEvoy

Date Competition Location
03/24/17 @ Tom Landry Relays (A) Trinity Christian, Addison, TX
04/01/17 @ Ovilla Christian Relays (A) Desoto HS, Desoto, TX
04/06/17 @ Trinity Christian Relays (A) Trinity Christian, Cedar Hill, TX