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Student Drop Off

There will various elementary and secondary drop off locations, based on grade level clusters.  Each drop off location will have a duty station staffed by an HCA staff member who will monitor students for social distancing as they enter, check for temperatures as necessary, and/or provide assistance to the student as needed. If a temperature 100°F or above is noted, students will be escorted to the school nurse who will recheck their temperature after 5 minutes. Parents will be notified to pick up the student immediately if the school nurse determines that a temperature, or any other sign or symptom of COVID exists. Students will remain with the nurse until the parent arrives and will then be escorted to the parent. Students will be required to meet the criteria stated above before reentry to school.

Classroom Setup

Hand sanitizer units have been installed in every classroom and student/staff area. As currently mandated, staff and students 10 years old or older will be required to wear masks. Teachers will create a physical learning environment that best enables social distancing. Teachers will develop activities and lessons to the best of their ability that do not require students to be in close contact. Disinfecting wipes will be in each room for use by a teacher or student throughout the day as appropriate. Teachers will develop a way to separate and store supplies for each student so that there are no "public" supplies available. Lockers will not be used in the Secondary Building, as the promotes student gatherings. Every effort will be made to minimize the interaction between the elementary and secondary students.


Schedules for specials, recess, lunches, etc. will be developed to maximize time between groups in given areas. Classes that are scheduled to arrive at the same location, at the same time, will be required to coordinate themselves for which class will arrive first, followed by the next a few minutes later to avoid potential grouping up of students. Hallways will be clearly marked for one-way traffic and students taught to respect the line and “stay to the right.” There will be floor markings in areas where a student line is inevitable to maintain SD. Various stairwells will be designated as “Up” or “Down” in order to minimize crowding. The mouthpiece dispensing portion of the water fountains will be covered, but the bottle filling function will be allowed.


Chapel is a critical part of our student’s school life. Therefore, various formats for chapel, based several criteria, such as grade level clusters, are planned for in order to maintain appropriate social distancing. Masks will be required for everyone 10 years of age and older.


If it is not an emergency, teachers will be asked to call the clinic to ask the school nurse if it is an appropriate time before sending a student. Any student who has the need to visit the clinic daily due to medication, treatment, etc., will have a schedule developed by the school nurse that effectively minimizes contact with others, but still allows for appropriate treatment. Teachers will be given appropriate first aid supplies, ice bags, etc. that will minimize the need to simply send a student to the clinic out of convenience for the teacher. No student will, however, be denied access to the nurse if it is called for.

Recess (Elementary Only)

Only one grade level at a time will be at recess on either of the two playgrounds. To the best of the teachers' ability, social distancing will be taught, expected and monitored. Equipment will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, as is realistic. For at least the Fall semester, students will be encouraged to participate in activities that do not require sharing equipment. Teachers will be required to have a bottle of hand sanitizer with them for use during and after recess by teacher and students.

Physical Education/Athletics

PE is a required course for all students and as such will remain an offering by HCA modified for safety. All equipment used will be sanitized between groups, social distance techniques will be taught, expected and monitored by the teacher, and lessons will be designed that do not require students to be in close contact. PE will be conducted outside as often as practical. The HCA Athletics Department follows guidelines established by TAPPS. For questions regarding Athletics, please contact our Athletic Director, Don McEvoy at


Musical equipment used will be sanitized between groups and social distance techniques will be taught, expected and monitored by the teacher, and lessons will be designed, to the best of the teacher's ability, that do not require students to be in close contact.


Only one class of students will be allowed at a given restroom at a time. Social distancing is mandatory. Students will be taught proper hygiene and expected to follow the guidelines. In addition to hand washing, hand sanitizer stations are located outside of every restroom and use will be required upon exit from the restroom. Restrooms will be disinfected multiple times during the school day. Dividers will be installed between sinks if possible.


Our lunchroom has been mapped out for proper spacing of tables, and seats will be marked off at each table to meet the guidelines for social distancing. Parents will be asked to send food that does not require assistance by a staff member for opening. Sharing of any food or drink between students has never been allowed and will be monitored even more closely this year. Additional lunch times have been created to reduce the number of students and staff in the lunchroom at any given time. Only single serving utensils and condiments will be used by HCA. Microwaves will still be allowed, but will be separated for social distancing and students and/or staff will use a disinfecting wipe on the handle and keypad before each use. Lunchroom staff will be required to wear a mask and use gloves. No community tea, water, condiments, etc. will be provided to staff or students. Custodial staff will monitor and clean as appropriate or necessary during each lunch period, and then thoroughly sanitize between each group. An appropriate amount of time has been designated between groups to allow for this. Staff will be required to actively monitor and assist with cleaning as necessary.


Most elementary students will remain in their classrooms and be dismissed via handheld radios by their teachers, from the classroom. Some classes may be assigned to sit in clearly marked spots in hallways, as usual, but limited to a number that adheres to social distancing guidelines. Teachers will actively monitor for social distancing during wait time. Teachers assisting elementary students into cars will wear masks and gloves (optional) and will maintain social distance. Secondary students who drive will be released to go immediately to their vehicles and exit the campus. The remainder of students will be allowed to wait in the courtyard area where teachers will actively monitor for social distancing during wait time.

Campus Wide Cleaning

Our custodial staff will provide a thorough and ongoing cleaning of classrooms, restrooms, and common areas throughout the school day. In accordance with accepted practice during flu season, additional custodial staff will deep clean the campus each evening.