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When it comes to making Seasonal Sports Award Ceremonies eventful we like to have highlight videos of each team/programs season.  We ask that you to submit your favorite photos and videos from your personal recording devices and collection to the Athletic Department. 

In order to be efficient and effective in the collection of your photos and videos, we have created sport specific links for uploading your media files. All you will need to do is follow the sport specific upload page link below and upload your photos and videos. If you have more than one photo or video clip, each must be uploaded separately.

Fall Sports

Winter Sports -- links coming

Spring Sports -- links coming

In an effort to produce the best possible video, we would ask a few things of you.

  1. Submit short clips, around 10-15 seconds or so, are the best to work with. However, we can take them up to two or three minutes in length.
  2. Most any standard photo and video file formats are welcome, such as JPEG, PNG, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, and MOV (all are standard on smartphones and camcorders).
  3. If the video was recorded using on a smartphone, please ensure it was recorded in "landscape" mode-- turned sideways to avoid those dreaded black bands on each the side of the video.