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To best serve our current and future students, faculty, and families, HCA is launching a $8.5 million-dollar capital campaign to make strategic improvements to the school campus. These enhancements will provide critical infrastructure to support our desire to enrich the Christ-centered, college preparatory, family focused experience provided at HCA. Through faithful prayer and planning by our leaders, this campaign represents key enhancements that will advance and elevate our campus facilities, athletics, physical education, fine arts, and academic experiences to new heights.

To be faithful stewards of our ministry, we have made special accommodations to maximize existing facilities. Creative solutions can only go so far, and we must address the necessary infrastructure needs of our hard-working campus if we are to address the key initiatives identified for HCA’s future.

As a result, HCA has developed a conceptual campus master plan that calls for the construction of a new facility. This facility includes a competition gymnasium, athletic teams practice space and locker rooms, PE classroom, and six academic classrooms. There is no doubt that this facility will spark growth in our student population. As a result, future needs are already being considered that will greatly improve the school as a whole, and it will allow us to better meet the needs of the HCA community. As we consider our most pressing infrastructure needs, this facility stands out as a priority effort.

God's Word clearly states that whatever we do, we are to do it as unto the Lord. In other passages, God calls us to be excellent in our endeavors, as we are an example to others. For this reason, it is our desire to exude excellence in all we do to those we influence. Our students deserve the best facilities in which to learn and grow. HCA’s commitment is that this new facility will be a shining example of what God can do as we bring glory to Him in the performance of our mission.


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