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Excellence - In & Out of the Classroom

Heritage Christian Academy embraces that athletics plays a meaningful and necessary role in a student's overall education. The idea that an athletic program can complement a solid academic curriculum has inspired the school to offer its students many ways to wear the HCA logo proudly. The concepts that children learn in team sports prepare them for the challenges and rigors of life.

HCA offers a variety of sports, including Baseball & Softball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Dance, Football, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, and Volleyball. The students who participate in athletics learn to develop essential character traits such as commitment, loyalty, integrity, respect for others and themselves, and an appreciation for the benefits of hard work. Inevitably, they emerge from the process as confident young people capable of making intelligent decisions and gracefully accepting the consequences. They experience victory and defeat, the team's camaraderie, the benefits of cooperation, and the passion and joy of competition. 

Athletic Training Services Provided by
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Rockwall