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Heritage Christian Academy was formed by a common vision of a community of believers who met together for the first time on February 19, 1995. The vision from conception was to create a multi-denominational, college preparatory school that was distinctively Christian. These families saw a need for an independent Christian school in the Rockwall community that would not be tied to any one particular denomination's style of worship or doctrine, while still holding true to the biblically based Christian values and truths that are clearly enunciated in scripture and common to all Christian denominations.

At the meeting on February 19, an advisory board of seven couples was formed from different denominations. The advisory board met on Wednesday, February 22 prayed that God would give them the discernment and vision to implement what they felt He had laid on their hearts. From this group, seven were chosen to form the school board and their first order of business was to hire an experienced headmaster to take the necessary steps to open a fully staffed and equipped Christian school.

After a word of mouth interest meeting, initial preregistration made it clear that the demand for a school like HCA was strong. A registration office was opened, public announcements were made, and without the benefit of a known location or faculty, families began enrolling their children. Registration began on March 2, 1995 for the school year to begin in August of 1995.

As the board prayed for specific needs, the Lord provided abundantly, making it very clear that this was indeed His plan and His vision. Heritage Christian Academy opened an elementary campus (preschool through grade six) at the Church of Christ location and a secondary campus (grades seven through nine) at the Lake Pointe Campus in August of 1995 with an enrollment of 190 students. It would be literally impossible for a community of people including a community of believers to be able to create a school in only seven months, from conception to the first day of class. Thus, Heritage Christian Academy owes its existence to the fact that God wanted a biblically based Christian school in the Rockwall area that could serve a wide spectrum of the body of Christ and still maintain sound doctrinal integrity.

Heritage Christian Academy received its accreditation from ACTABS in April of 1997, and ushered in its charter graduating class in 1999.

In 2000, HCA realized their goal to have the secondary and elementary on one campus when they moved to and began leasing the First United Methodist Church. In December of 2001, the school purchased the church and saw the fulfillment of their vision to secure a permanent home. After purchasing the Methodist church, HCA entered into a period of several renovations and construction phases. In the summer of 2002, HCA renovated and added more classrooms and a science lab to the existing building; In 2004, construction began on a new building, which houses a computer lab, art facilities and additional classroom space on the base floor; Later, that building was completed with an additional 8 classrooms, which includes two state-of-the-art science labs. This building is now the secondary wing and houses grades seventh through twelfth. In 2006, HCA received a grant from the Hillcrest Foundation, which was dedicated to updating the school library. More recently, HCA has dedicated funds to update the technology resources throughout the school, as well as, completing other minor construction projects.

Now entering its twenty-eighth year, Heritage Christian Academy has become the leading private school in the Rockwall community. Looking toward the future, HCA has put itself in a position to continue to offer the best in Christian, college-preparatory education. As we look back at our origins and 27 year history, we are overwhelmed and thankful for the obvious grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, His blessing, His hand, His provision, His Word, and the light of His countenance on this educational organization. Without His provision, HCA could not have otherwise been brought thus far. Over the years many families, students and staff have come and gone, but the identity of HCA has remained the same; Heritage Christian Academy is an excellent educational institution characterized as Christ-centered, college-preparatory and family focused, and that will always be.