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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have multiple kids in different grade levels?
Each afternoon at 3:00 PM, a 5th or 6th grade teacher will escort the children with younger siblings from the new gymnasium building to the main campus across traffic. They can join their younger siblings to be picked up in front of the main campus.

If I am just picking up a 5th or 6th grade student, can I go directly to the pick up location without driving around the campus?
No, please do not do this because it will cause a line to form on the wrong side of Damascus backing up to Goliad St, which will cause a major traffic problem.

Can I go around the campus more than one time if I need to?
Yes, you may travel around as many times as you need.

Can I arrive at the campus before my child is released from school?
Elementary release is from 2:55 PM to 3:30 PM, and Secondary 7th thru 12th is released from 3:15 PM to 3:40 PM. Although we highly discourage anyone from arriving at the campus before their child is released, we understand that occasionally it is necessary. We ask that you do not make it a habit. K3 - 6th grade, if you arrive a few minutes early, you will have to wait on Damascus Street.  7th - 12th grade parents will have to wait on the private road at the stop sign where it intersects Damascus St by the Catholic church.

No one will be allowed to begin forming a line in the parking lot, or near the front entrance. All vehicles in the parking lot must be in a parking spot. We created staggered release times to avoid as many congestion problems as possible. Secondary parents arriving before 3:15 PM could potentially hinder the elementary pick up, which is why we are asking parents to come as close to pick up time as possible.

Can I leave my vehicle running and park in front of the main campus if I need to go into the school for a few minutes?
No, All vehicles in the parking lots must be in a parking spot. Make sure you are not taking up two spots. If no parking spots are available, you must park on Damascus Street, ensuring you do not hinder the carpool line in the afternoon.

Can I park in the designated school bus and vans parking spots along the fence on the east side of the secondary building if they are vacant?
No, please do not park in the school bus or van parking spots at any time.

If I have a secondary and elementary student, how do I pick them up?
Arrive at the campus after 3:15 PM, and you may pick up the secondary student first, then drive around and pick up the younger sibling. You may also have the secondary student walk to the front of the main campus and join their younger sibling and pick both or all up at that location after 3:15 PM.

Can my child get out of the vehicle on the driver's side?  
No, the traffic pattern is designed to have all students exit and enter every vehicle on the passenger side for safety reasons. This keeps all children away from the traffic lane as much as possible. No child should be crossing traffic unless escorted by an adult or secondary aged sibling.


If you have any questions that were not answered above, please contact Officer Jones at