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Biblical Studies & Chapel


K3 - 2nd Grade Curriculum
At HCA, it is imperative that a student is prepared in several areas as he or she transitions through their educational career. The school takes pride in the fact that the students will be equipped both academically and spiritually. At this young age, it is important to lay a strong Biblical foundation and begin to teach and develop a relationship with the Lord. This stems from the ABEKA Bible curriculum. This curriculum takes biblical stories and applies them to daily life, so the students get to have the needed knowledge of the Bible and its components, as well as a practical application scenario for their life. The “Finding God’s Promises” series is also used in addition to the ABEKA curriculum during this stage in the students' academic careers. This is another positive action Bible tool that takes Bible lessons and applies them to daily living.

3rd - 6th Grade Curriculum
The common theme throughout HCA's education is biblical integration in all subjects and areas taught. However, the students also have daily Bible class and attend weekly chapels. In the higher elementary grades students not only study the Bible and memorize scripture, but they also gain practical application from what they learn and go through devotional or study books that aide in that process. Some examples of those books include, Possessing the Land; Just as God wanted His people to posses the land of Canaan, so He desires His children to live in a spiritual realm of promise and victory today. Through this study, the students will gain an understanding of the patterns and themes of God’s work through the Old Testament. Another example is, Winning the Race; Students will discover how various Bible characters strive to win the race that God set for them. This study also presents an overview of New Testament doctrine, including the past, present and future work of Christ. At this point in the student's biblical education, they are beginning to go beyond learning and memorizing the Bible; They are gaining a further and deeper knowledge of Christ, biblical concepts and how it applies to them.


Our Pre-K3 through 6th Grade students attend chapel each Thursday.