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Heritage Christian Academy’s Learning Lab was created in 2009 as a way of meeting the academic needs of students with diagnosed learning differences who were seeking a small, private, Christian, college-preparatory education.

  • Acceptance is based on the degree of the student’s academic need(s) and the ability of HCA to adequately provide support. Recommendation by teacher(s) and administration are taken into consideration as well.
    • Formal testing (cognitive and achievement) must be supplied at the beginning of the enrollment process. 
    • All testing must be up-to-date, within the last three years.
    • If a student’s educational evaluation is outdated (spans more than 3 years since the testing date) parents are required, at their own expense, to have their child re-evaluated. 
    • Current diagnostic evaluations are required for continued enrollment in the Learning Lab

How the Learning Lab supports students:

  • Individualized education plans are developed for each student 
  • Students receive one-to-one and small group instruction
  • Instruction and reinforcement provided to enhance organization, study skills and test taking skills
  • Serves  as a direct liaison between students, teachers and parents.
  • Provides teachers with updated summaries on each student’s strengths and needs and assists them with making appropriate accommodations.
  • Promotes  student success and responsibility through accountability, teaching self advocacy and striving to bolster confidence in their abilities.
  • Two levels of support: Part-time and Full-time

* Student services provided by the HCA Learning Lab requires an additional fee.

* For students with existing 504 Accommodations Plans or IEPs, Heritage Christian Academy reserves the right to modify them as needed to meet within the confines of what is feasible applicable based on the resources available as a privately funded school. 

Link to Recommended Educational Diagnosticians (PDF)

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