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Award-Winning & Highly-Acclaimed Fine Arts

God has blessed each student with unique abilities and interests, and Heritage Christian Academy strives to provide opportunities to explore and develop these gifts. HCA's award-winning fine arts programs can be found at all levels, K3-12, and allows for many creative outlets and options for the students.

HCA has several different visual art classes, which includes photography, broadcast, multimedia, yearbook and film editing, in addition to the basic art courses that dive into painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, etc. Through the course of elementary and secondary school, students have had the opportunity to explore multiple mediums and have been taught far more than the basics, giving them a better understanding of the principles of design and composition. 

The performing arts department also has many options including debate, drama, play and musical production, orchestra, choir, and praise team. On this side of fine arts, budding actors, actresses and musicians receive the training and experience needed to fine tune their talents. 

It is a requirement for HCA students to complete several fine arts courses throughout their academic career at the school; by doing so, it helps develop an awareness and appreciation for the world of fine arts, and delving into new arenas of creativity helps produce well-rounded students. In addition, if a student is interested in pursuing fine arts in the future, they will have developed an extensive portfolio to lean upon, which can open doors or provide opportunities to earn college scholarships.