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Secondary Overview


Middle School

Middle school is, without a doubt, the hardest time for students and parents alike. Somewhere between 6th grade and 9th grade the students will struggle with discovering who they are, “fitting in” socially, and life in general. Parents struggle as they watch their child navigate their way through adolescence and often wonder if things will ever get back to normal again.

At Heritage Christian Academy, the middle school staff understands this age and feels that they are called to help guide students through these tumultuous years as they teach their subjects. They strive to let each child know that, while they may not always feel like they “fit in,” they will always belong; They will always be valued; And they will always be loved at HCA. The good news is that life gets a little easier and somewhat normal again when they make their transition into high school.

High School

The high school program at HCA offers an excellence in academics, athletics and extracurricular activities. The college preparatory course work challenges and prepares the students for the rigors of college classes. Small class sizes give teachers the time and resources necessary to invest in students individually, and enables students to work toward their greatest potential. The students expect and learn to rise to a higher standard.

In addition to the academic side of things, HCA offers multiple opportunities for students to excel outside the classroom as well. From athletics to fine arts activities, students have the chance to participate in championship level programs. High school students are encouraged to discover their God-given talents, gifts and passions under the direction of excellent teachers and mentors, which ultimately aides in the success of the student.

HCA Secondary Educational Departments:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Computer & Technology
  • English & Speech
  • Fine Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Life Skills & SAT Prep
  • Math & Science
  • Social Studies