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The HCA varsity boys basketball program has been a well-known program throughout the school’s history. The team has made seven playoff appearances, which include two final four runs in the state tournament. The varsity Eagles have also claimed two District Championships and produced several Academic All-State honored athletes. Basketball along with the several other sports HCA offers helps prepare our students to be leaders in and out of the classroom.

1    Cole Brower, JR
2    Callahan Huber, FR
4    Hunter Vandel, SR
12  Preston Smith, SR
14  Cooper South, FR
21  Blake Dahmer, SR
22  Ethan Emmerson, JR
24  Nuru Witherspoon, SR
41  Seth Holland, JR

McKenzie Daniel, SR

Finnis Craddock


Junior Varsity

The junior varsity basketball team allows for younger high school students to get valuable playing time and experience until they are ready to contribute at the varsity level. Lately, the turnout for basketball has allowed us to have a boys junior varsity team, but not a girls. Depending on numbers there is always the possibility of adding an addition team. This pivotal in-between-stage helps mold the players needed to sustain a talented group of varsity athletes.

Middle School

At this age, the middle school teams focus on fundamentals and technique, and the students began to learn the difference between recreational and competitive athletics. These students are instilled with the basics of sports, which includes teamwork, hard work and success in a fun yet competitive environment. Due to the heavy turnout for middle school boys basketball, there was enough students to create two teams; this allows more playing time and experience for all the participants as they progress through their athletic career.

Middle School A:
2    Collin Woods, 8th
3    Caden Coniglio, 8th
10  Elijah Deen, 8th
12  Sam Wheeler, 8th
14  Reid Williamson, 8th
20  Carson Taylor, 8th
22  Noah Dorvil, 7th
23  Eugene Park, 8th
32  Ian Park, 8th
33  Nate Bourke, 8th
Carl Dorvil 

Middle School B:

1    Chris King, 8th
4    Brayden Mason, 7th
5    Colton Westmoreland, 7th
11  Robby Hunter, 8th
13  Caden Westmoreland, 7th
15  Mason Millhorn, 7th
24  James Jolley, 8th
25  Daniel Fort, 7th
30  Truett Jones, 8th
31  Carter Greeno, 7th
Jeffery Benton
Nathan Benton