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The HCA Eagles are known as one of the state's premier private school six-man football programs. The team has reached the playoffs in each of the past 11 years, and during that same time has made it to the state finals three times, claiming the trophy once. In addition to team accolades, there have been several awards given ranging from Coach of the Year to All-American honors. The varsity football program is extremely accomplished, but nothing is more important to the coaches than the personal development of these young men.

15    Carson Biggerstaff, SR
        Will Constable, FR   
7      Blake Dahmer, SO
5      Colton Hudgins, SR
        Christian Layton, SR
44    Cody McCaffity, SR
21    Jason Nance, SR
72    Alexander Neff, SR
        Zachery Neff, FR
3      Huston Roe, SO
9      Payton Scalf, SR
        Connor Shankles, SR
        Preston Smith, SO
        Ethan Thomas, FR
6      Mason Thomas, SR


        McKenzie Daniel
        Kaitlin Florence
        Austin Hill
        Chris Kelly
        Loretta Thorman


Don McEvoy    
Craig Cooper    
Brian Nevans    
Mike Breeden  
Matt Reynolds 

Middle School

The winning tradition of the varsity football program begins in middle school. Teaching a solid foundation of fundamentals and technique, and using schemes that are similar to the varsity, ensures that the students are prepared to compete at higher levels. Middle school is a developmental age, and athletes begin to transition from recreational to more competitive athletics. Students are encouraged to try new sports, including football, so they can experience teamwork, hard work, and success in a fun yet competitive environment.


Carter Bray, 7th
Will Constable, 8th
Noah Gatton, 8th
Hayden Hoeffner, 7th
Aidan Hoffman, 7th
Valentino Imbuido, 7th
Zachary Neff, 8th
Cashton Selby, 7th
Brittan Snider, 8th
Ethan Thomas, 8th


Chris Kelly, 8th
Austin Hill, 8th


Craig Cooper
Caleb Cathey