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Since the program was created in 2006, the HCA Eagle Track team has had great success. Both the varsity girls and varsity boys have produced many State Champions, Academic All-State award winners, and elite college athletes. In addition to the individual accolades, the HCA varsity boys track team was the State Runner-Up in 2007. Since the program began, its many athletes have become extremely accomplished in all areas. However, nothing is more important to the coaches and the school than preparing these young men and women for their future.

Varsity Boys:
Huston Roe, SR
Preston Smith, SR
Nuru Whitherspoon, SR
Hunter Vandel, SR
Varsity Girls:
Jordan Davis, SR
Kate Duncan, SR
Macy Craddock, SO
Tanner Quiett, SO
Russell Flannigan
Don McEvoy


Middle School


The middle school track program is instrumental in the success HCA has seen at the varsity level. By teaching a solid foundation and providing valuable competition experience, the students are prepared to compete at higher levels when they get to high school. Because middle school is a developmental age, HCA's student athletes are encouraged to try new sports so they can experience teamwork, hard work, and success in a fun yet competitive environment.

MS Boys:
James Jolley, 8th
Truett Jones, 8th
Daniel Fort, 7th
Payne Cranberry, 7th
Brayden Mason, 7th
Mason Millhorn, 7th
Caden Westmoreland, 7th
Colton Westmoreland, 7th
MS Girls:
Deanna Montgomery, 8th
Lexi Sherman, 8th
Brookleigh Vancil, 8th
Caris Baker, 7th
Addison Berens, 7th
Emma Cassady, 7th
Sophia Ferreira, 7th
Evelyn Garcia, 7th
Taylor Leal
Russell Flannigan