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HCA graduates have a record of attending and excelling at large and small public and private universities all over the country. Many of them are honor students, graduate early, attend graduate schools, and become top achievers. One of the things that sets HCA apart from other schools is our excellent college counselor Amber Panter, and the program she has put in place. Amber works tirelessly to help each student find a college that is the best fit for them.

The college process can be very overwhelming for both the student and parents. Amber helps the students break down the process to help make it manageable; facilitates the process to find that right fit for each student, and helps the parents navigate the financial maze as well.

HCA graduates receive excellent scholarship offers in academics, sports, fine arts, leadership, community service, and much more because of the experiences, opportunities, education, and support they receive at HCA. This enables many of them to attend universities that their families could not otherwise afford. Many of them will enter college with a whole semester of college under their belt because of our on–campus dual credit program. This not only reduces the amount of tuition they will pay, but it gives them tremendous confidence in their ability to be successful in college.

Another contributing factor to the scholarship success is a College and Career Readiness class taught by the counselor. The class is two fold; it breaks the process of college admissions and scholarship applications into a weekly manageable journey. Students complete and navigate all the necessary forms needed for their college plans as part of the class. The second portion of the class covers practical topics like budgeting, resume’ writing, job interviews and basic etiquette.

Ultimately, HCA students get the benefit of a counselor who is able to spend quality time getting to know their personalities and skill sets so each individual is equipped to make the best college decision that will have a lasting impact on their future. In addition to the massive amount of scholarship offers, recent classes have had above state average SAT & ACT test scores!

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